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Troop 144 is a youth-led Troop, with elections held every February and August.

The Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) is elected by his peers, and he then works with the Scoutmaster to appoint the other Troop leadership positions (Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders, Instructors, Scribe, Quartermaster, Webmaster/Historian, Chaplain Aide).

Each patrol elects its own Patrol Leader, and the Patrol Leader then appoints his Assistant Patrol Leader.

Adults (Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters, Committee Members) hold support positions and provide the framework (and safety) in which the youth can plan, lead and execute the activities they choose for themselves while providing opportunities for them to seek adult leader review, signoff, and boards of review for advancement.

Patrol Method

The Troop uses the patrol method in everything they do. Within the patrol method, there is a hierarchy or “organizational structure” the youth and adults follow:

When there is a concern or question, the Scout will let his patrol leader know. If the patrol leader cannot answer the question or solve the problem, he will reach out to an assistant senior patrol leader, or the senior patrol leader. If the youth leaders of the Troop cannot answer the question or solve the problem, the youth leaders will reach out to an adult (Assistant Scoutmaster, Scoutmaster, or Troop Committee member).

Patrol Leader Council
The first Tuesday of every month is Patrol Leader Council (PLC).

  • Only the SPL, ASPL, Patrol Leaders, and Scribe meet for the PLC (see org chart above, all positions in the red box)

  • All other Scouts are welcome but not required to attend.

  • At these meetings, each patrol is represented by his Patrol Leader. It is the responsibility of the Patrol Leader to report important news and updates back to his patrol via email directly after the PLC.

  • If a Patrol Leader is unable to attend the PLC, it is his responsibility to ensure that his Assistant Patrol Leader attends in his place.

Troop Positions of Responsibility

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