Rank Submission

Submitting Your Rank

In order to submit your rank, you must:

Note that there is no Board of Review for Scout rank.

The Eagle Scout Board of Review is not requested through the Troop. It will be scheduled via communication between the council office, the Scoutmaster, and the Scout once the council office has verified the Scout's Eagle Scout application and packet.

See upload examples below:

Use the submission form below to submit your rank.

From a desktop: Click the Fill out form button below.

From a mobile device: Disregard the error message and tap the gray box/arrow.

If you need help or have questions about submitting your rank and/or requesting a Board of Review, send an email (and make sure to copy your parent/guardian)

The Board of Review schedule and signup genius (for committee members) is available by clicking the button below.
This is NOT a signup for Scouts; only use the form linked above.